Hey, I'm Susan Elizabeth!

And you should know two things about me: 

1. That strong Women of Color can do anything as leaders with the right support.
2.That I know my ish when it comes to running a well-oiled business. 

As a passionate workaholic (with boundaries of course) I'm ready to support the women who want to match their back-end energy to their front-end appearance. I want you to win, no matter where your business is now.

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Ready to Run Like the CEO You Are?

I know, I know. You’re kind of running things on the edge of, “I’ll do the thing when things aren’t so...chaotic.”
Psst: That sounds all well and good, but waiting is going to pile on the chaos. I can promise you, if you’re passionate about your biz now, you’re ready for it now.
Don’t believe me?
Do you have a team of 30 people you forget to pay? Who don’t have actual job titles? Who don’t know what to do when a new client onboards? And you don’t have any system in place to guide them through it?
Okay, then you’re not the worst case ever. Promise.
I’ve seen some shit. And we still walked through it.


Operations VIP

Get a personalized project plan for 6-12 months on how to operate the back end of your business. So you can finally work without the chaos of winging it.

A-Team VIP 

Build your team up the right way from the start. OR iron out the communications of your current team. And finally step into the leadership position.


Keep me around in your back pocket for 6 months at a time, and have the plans, the projects, and the accountability to growing your business the way you want.

“I really appreciated the fact that once I told you everything in my head, you remembered the details. I find that when I explain my business to some people, they don't remember and I have to keep reminding them. I kind of expected it would be the same with you, only because I figured it's hard to come in out of nowhere, listen to a person's whole business story, and be able to follow. But nope, you remembered everything I said and remembered all the moving pieces and players in my business story. That was refreshing and surprising. Thank you!"


Enneagram 8, introvert, momma before anything.

As a Certified Director of Operations and a Certified Online Business Manager, my mission is to use my knowledge, experience, and training to support Women of Color. I want to be your strategic partner to create the business of your dreams through clarity in operations and building your A+ team.

I’m passionate about passionate people. And I’m gonna do what I can to make sure they have the detailed, missing pieces to finally become the business owner they deserve to be.

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Say No So You Can Grow

What is the life your envision for yourself? How do you hold boundaries so that you can outgrow the "grind."

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How I Grew My Biz to Six-Figures

My transition from side-gig as a Virtual Assistant to full-time Online Business Manager, six months later. 

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Niching Down to Serve WOC

Why I decided to niche down and primarily work with Women of Color within my business. 

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Define Your Mission, Vision, and Values

This is the key to every step of solidifying your business operations and team. It’s the core of what you stand for. It’s what guides your goals. It’s what shapes your future. It’s what makes everything in your business so damn worth it.

Go ahead, define and refine what your business stands on, for free.