Hey lady! I’m Susan, an Operations and Team Consultant.

KOLBE 9-7-2-2, type A as they come... I live for vaca's with my daughter, mostly wear my hair up, and will tell you like it is.

Doing It All-Together

I get it. Women of Color are supposed to look like we can do it all, make it happen, and be the strong ass female leaders we were meant to be.

But… we don’t have to do it alone. We can still be strong leaders. We can still do it all. But we don’t have to run ourselves ragged to get there.

I'm here to be that support for you.

My Goal

Is to give you an easy to implement strategy for your business operations so you no longer need to feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants doing it all. I want you to have clarity. I want you to know where to spend your time wisely. I want you to have the right team that supports you. Because you weren’t meant to be a one-woman band. You were meant to lead your business, not manage it to the point of exhaustion.

As your consultant, I’m able to extract the ideas that have been floating in your head and turn them into reality through a strategic plan that’s pieced together based on your business goals, your personal desires, and how you choose to be seen.

Stop operating in overwhelming chaos, and start operating as the business badass you are.

Your Strategic Partner

Like most entrepreneurs, I was OVER all the B.S. in the typical 9-5. The long days, the long commute, and the feeling of being trapped under someone else’s smelly thumb. When I had my daughter, I had my breaking point. Enough was really enough. Working in corporate, I wasn’t able to serve in my zone of genius.

Shortly after starting my journey in the online space, I started to notice something.

Hello, people! There’s a whole community (or thousand) full of Women of Color who have strong business ideas and awesome business sense, who just need a little help in building a system that can support them.

Most of my peers didn’t look or sound like me.
NONE of them catered to women of color like me.

"I was looking for someone who could not only truly manage a team, but someone who was invested in my business, and also treated my business as their own. Before Susan, I had pieces in place, but it wasn't organized and I was missing that long-term partner, a right hand, and someone I could trust with the culture and vision of my business. I was doing way too many things I shouldn't have been doing in my business and not getting to stay in my zone of genius."

-Brittany Krystle




My last name is of Lebanese decent. 


I skydived for my 24th birthday and I am terrified of heights! 


I am not the best cook and not ashamed of it. haha! 


Learning to play the piano is on my bucket list although I have no artistic skills.