Let’s Build Something Incredible Together

Trust Yourself in What You Do.
Trust Me to Strategize What to Do Next.

You deserve to build one hell of a business without putting on a mask of knowing it all. You deserve to actually know it, with confidence. 

Hey you. Yeah, you with the millions of entrepreneur hats on. You, who have polished things up so well that anyone on the outside believes you know what you’re doing. You, who smile, grin, and nod, but are actually thinking, “Shit, I...uh… don’t know what I need to do next.”

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real talk:

It’s Time to Have the Back Pocket Tool to Level Up Your Business the Way You Want!

The thing is, that you’ve done a fantastic job winging the heck out of what you’ve done so far. But going further takes a little more strategy you just haven’t learned yet. Listen, I know what it’s like to own a business. You strap on your boots, and walk into the world knowin’ it all. Or, at least pretending like you do. Because you need to. The world expects it. You expect it. You sure want to prove it.
And you’re probably thinking “Once I make X amount of money, I’ll be able to look into the systems I need. The operations I’ll use. The team I so desperately want.” And until you hit that number, you’ll throw on all the entrepreneur hats, smile, and tell everyone it’s okay (including yourself).
But I’m guessing you’ve probably looked at all the hats you’re wearing and thinking, “I don’t look good in all of them.” and “I don’t even know how to wear them all.”

You don't have to do it alone.

your operations consultant: 

Because running your business alone isn’t meant to be a thing.

Girl, It’s Time to Have the Back Pocket Tool to Level Up Your Business the Way You Want.

Listen, I know what it’s like to own a business. You strap on your boots, and walk into the world knowin’ it all. Or, at least pretending like you do. Because you need to. The world expects it. You expect it. You sure want to prove it.

Psst, I’ve got the stick of butter you can go ahead and spread. I’ve helped business owners set their systems up…
I’ve created workflows to make clear sense of their processes…I’ve hired team members to help cultivate a culture…All so everything can run smooth!

Your business should run like butter.
Not like granola.

Here’s What You Need

a strategy to reach the business goals you want

because the ideas swimming in your head need a path to make them reality.

a team that will build the workplace culture you aspire to create

because this is what will strengthen the vibes you and others want to work in.

actual accountability that you’re doing the things you’re supposed to do.

because we all know without someone checking in, the checklist gets put on the back burner… again.


Operate and Lead As the CEO You Are

Phase 1: Setting the Foundations

If you’re on this page we know one thing: Whatever your current structure is, it needs some oomph. First thing’s first, we’ll take an audit of what it looks like so we can create a growth and development plan using what works now and implementing what will amplify it more.

Phase 2: Team Culture and Growth

Together, we’ll create a growth and development plan that will build a team culture you can be proud of, that your clients will enjoy, and that will free up your time to finally step into a badass leadership role you’ve wanted. Say it with me: “I’m not meant to do it all alone.” 

Phase 3: Your Role as CEO

Hey, Sis, look at you! Your new team is looking to you for guidance and communication. You’re not there to manage their actions, you’re there to lead them into their own successful work so each area is covered by someone who knows your mission and vision and is ready to work toward them.

Our biweekly one-on-one strategy sessions are built on the foundational method that will help you make 6-7 figures in your business without you watching it crumble like fruit cake in the middle of January.

“I have a clear plan for the upcoming year. Everything that was swirling around in my head is now mapped out in a strategic way. I feel more focused and energized now that I can clearly see what needs to be done.”


How do these one on ones go?

I love that you asked. Let me tell you!


Every other week, we’ll spend 60 minutes together where you get to see my lovely face and I get to see yours.


We’ll take that time to strategize through the Operate and Lead Methodology using where you are in your business now and where you want it to be.


Weekly Voxer support to answer your questions in between our one on ones


This isn’t a therapy session. It’s not “come and feel out what we need.” You’ll get a custom agenda for what to expect with our time together based off of our framework system.


Complete access to pre-recorded trainings and content from the SS Library.

That little voice in your head that says, “There has to be a way to keep up with this business growth I’m seeing…” Is right.
There is a way.

It’s just not going to happen if you’re focused on all the little things that are bound to pop up:
The one project that seems to have a tiny loose end, the client who asked for a specialized offer that meets their demand, the new collab project another business owner really wants to work on with you.
It’s all good stuff.
But you need a solid system that will support your growth so you can actually do all of that good stuff. And more good stuff in the future. So you have two options to do this:

  You can keep on keepin’ on and say a prayer to the entrepreneur Gods that every time you step foot in your business, you’re making the right choice at the right time so that you achieve your goals.
You can grab a support partner who will hand you a strategic plan on a silver platter so that you can actually achieve those goals every. Damn. time.
(I’ll even throw in glitter you can toss when you cross the finish line if you want.)

shaina finally had some free time again

“Working with Blaire was one of the best decisions I've made in my business. It's literally been game-changing.”

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