Level Up Your Business

Through Mission, Vision, and Values

My guess is you’ve landed on this page because you trust yourself in owning the hell out of what your business stands for, but you’re kind of like a deer in headlights trying to figure out how to level up in a badass boss way.


You deserve to run a smooth business without feeling like you’re tripping over every small thing on the way to the top.

I don’t care if you’ve been in business for 1 year or 3. I don’t care if you’ve never heard the name of any backend system or if you named your first three children Slack, Asana, and Monday. 

I don’t care if you’re second guessing your hired team or if you’ve never hired a person in your life. What I care about is one thing: You are passionate about your job. Because that’s what will make me passionate about helping you.

Whether you are stuck figuring out how to make the back end of business feel as smooth as the front end looks…OR You want a team who will work with you and your clients to run your business as smooth as butter,
I have a VIP Day option for you.

Operations-Made Easy

2-Day Intensive

This 2-Day Intensive focuses on the 7 pillars of business and defines what your mission, vision, and values are so that we can create a detailed plan for you to execute over the next year for your growing business. Through these pillars, I will extract all the little pieces of info that’s living in your head and strategically lay it out into projects you (and your team if you have one) can execute and develop your business over the next 6-12 months.

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Operations Intensive

whole sha-bang

a-Team vip day


Whatever your vision is, it all starts with a strong foundation. (Doesn’t everything?)
We do that by setting your business up with goals and making sure that everything else is set up to reach them.


Together, we’ll go over what processes you might have.
We’ll sift through your tools.
We’ll check to see what’s happening in all your operations.
And make sure that everything gets streamlined so that tomorrow runs even smoother than today.


Look, the fact is if people don’t see your business exist, then they don’t know it exists. It all starts with how you’re getting clients now
And which actionable steps you can take to be seen by clients in the future. Whether it’s hiring someone to do it for you or doing it yourself, we’ll create a plan to be seen the way you want.

product suite

What offers do you have on the table?
Is it making the money you want? Or do you have an idea of something else to throw on that table?
Together, we’ll assess what’s working and what’s not so you can have clear direction as to what products will help scale your business.


Behind every bomb ass leader is a bomb ass team who’s kicking tail and taking names all in the name of business. I’ll help you figure out what kind of person will best fill the roles and even help you hire the right people at the right time for the right thing.

client care

One of the true keys to success is repeat clients. And how do you get repeat clients? Great service. Make ‘em happy. I know. It’s a lot. But it’s possible. And it feels like a lot less when you have something in place to help. Promise.

personal growth

None of us go into entrepreneurship without wanting to experience some personal growth. You know, planning a future for yourself, the kind of work/life balance you only dreamed of in the corporate world. The status quo that you set the bar on rather than some random white guy who says so. The lifestyle choices you want to make for yourself. Your business helps to build that.

With this Intensive

You Will:

+ gain clarity around your MVV

+ have solid direction of the 7 pillars

+ clarity on what projects to work on

+ voxer support for two weeks 

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“Since the first meeting with Susan, I felt a physical weight lifted from my mind and relief when thinking about the way forward for my business. Before I felt confused and overwhelmed. In the short time we've been working together I've finally been able to get a better understanding of the true status of my business, what needs to be worked on and improved, and how to move forward successfully."

-Eva Forde, Rich social worker

let's be real.

Managing and leading are two different ball games.

This all day strategy session is purely focused on getting you the team you want to work with and work for your business. The strategy is built on 3 pillars to know who to hire, when to hire, and how to hire the A-Team of your dreams.

We may not be able to duplicate you and create a team full of you-sized clones. But what we can do is create a process and a plan to creating a team that embodies your exact vision of how your business should and will work.


Figure out what your mission, vision, and values are for the business you are running. This isn’t some loosey-goosey statement you’re fumbling your way through. This is the very definition of what your business stands for.


Take a look at the team you have now. Or take a look at the jobs you’re doing right now that you don’t want to do in the next few years. Together, we’ll do an audit of what needs to shift in your team and who you need to hire in the next 1-3 years so you can focus on the job you need to be focused on: leading the team that will grow your business.

design & Develop

With your goals and vision in mind, we’ll design plans for pretty much every nook and cranny of handling your team. I’m talking a plan to hire your new team members so they feel welcome and excited, a plan to communicate with them so they know their expectations and can carry them out easily, a plan to review what’s working and iron out what’s not.

With this VIP  Day

You Will:

+ gain clarity around your MVV

+ receive a customized org chart

+ have a step-by-step hiring process

+ Communication, training, and review plan

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The Whole Sha-Bang

Because I know, sometimes you need a little of column A and a little of column B, I’m making that an option too.
(You’re welcome.)

Here’s the deal:
Go ahead and become a VIP x2…
Treat yo’self to a new set of operations
Treat yo’self to a new way of creating a team.
Treat yo’self to a nice little discount

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